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/ 9Qn5fIt; Qn`fIt/ adj 1 ~ (for sth/to do sth) (a) not of the required standard; unsuitable 不合格的; 不适宜的: food unfit for human consumption 人不能吃的食物 * houses unfit for people to live in 不适合居住的房屋. (b) lacking the ability needed; incapable 不胜任的; 无能力的: She is unfit for such a senior position. 她不胜任这种高级职务. * He is unfit to drive in his present state, eg because he is drunk. 他现在这样不能开车(如因喝醉了酒). 2 not perfectly healthy and fit 不太健康的; 不太健壮的: The army rejected him as medically unfit. 他因体检不合格而未能入伍.
牛津英汉双解词典 发表于 2006/9/18 19:10:29
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